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How to Write a Successful 5-Paragraph Essay on Sports

Writing a five-paragraph essay about sports follows the same process you learned in middle school or high school about how to organize an essay. The basic components of your sports essay are:

  • Introduction
  • Body – Point #1
  • Body – Point #2
  • Body – Point #3
  • Conclusion

That general framework can be used effectively for virtually any paper, including yours. For your sports piece, preparation is key. Here’s how you should get ready to do your paper and where to go from there.

How Should I Prepare for My 5-Paragraph Essay on Sports?

First all, do your research. Read extensively about the subject you’re writing about, take thorough notes, and make sure you have a firm grasp on the ins and outs of your selected topic. Next, create a rough outline. It will be helpful if you write a sentence or two about what you want to include in the introduction and for each paragraph after that. This will give you a chance to consider what the most important elements of each paragraph should be before you write them out and elaborate on them.

How Do I Make My Essay on Sports Stand Out?

Consider what makes the sport you chose for your topic unique. Who are the iconic athletes and what have they accomplished other than success for their team? Try to discover some kind of greater truth within your topic and present it to the reader in a meaningful way. Evoking emotion in the reader will make your essay memorable, so do your best to translate your enthusiasm and passion onto the page by using powerful language and a variety of strong adjectives.

How to Write a Solid Introduction

Your introductory paragraph should explain the problem, events, or situation you will discuss in a concise way. You should outline the three points that will be addressed in detail in each of the three paragraphs that form the body. That way not only will you know what to write about as you go, your reader will easily be able to follow the progression of your paper as they go.

Think of your intro as a way to let the reader know what the piece is about and why they should continue reading. If your paper seeks to explain a pattern found among athletes in their rookie season for example, state what implications this discovery might have. This will give the reader a good reason to read on.

The 3-Part Body of an Effective Sports Essay

Each paragraph in the body should completely explain their designated main point. When you move onto the next paragraph, the idea explained in the previous paragraph should be coherent and leave no obvious questions unanswered. Be sure to keep the focus on your sport, team, or athlete without veering off on tangents. If you do decide to go into some backstory within your essay, keep it concise and relevant.


You need to wrap up your paper at the end with a strong conclusive statement. Be sure to make sense of your main points and overall argument with a logical ending that summarizes and ties your paper together. A great way to leave the reader is with a sentence that leaves them in contemplation. Read your final sentence out loud when you finish writing your essay and see if it resonates.

Tips for Successful Writing about Sports

Your tone does not have to be rigid and overly formal for a sports related essay. The topic calls for an informal tone, so don’t hesitate to express yourself in a semi-casual way. Take extra time when editing your paper and making revisions. Read it through at least three times for errors and structural improvements, and then read it again and makes changes accordingly to the content until your essay flows effortlessly.