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Writing a good literature review for a dissertation is important because in a research paper the sources function as the foundation on which any new insights you offer in your thesis will stand. It will also give crucial background information on your topic to aid you in your investigation. Although they do not offer new contributions to your area of study, if the references in your review aren’t solid, your paper could implode, which is something we at want to ensure doesn’t happen. That’s why we’ll provide you with work of the highest standards, including a comprehensive list of sources you might need. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.

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The demands of an academic writing literature review can form the basis for a paper by themselves and can be overwhelming for the inexperienced. Any guide to writing literature review will tell you the style demands an unbiased overview of all the relevant published material around your topic. This material is not confined to books. It is anything credible that should be taken into account when opening an investigation into whatever topic is being covered. The review does not have to be a complicated analysis of your references, but it should still adhere to some organizational pattern that combines short summary with insightful synthesis.

Writing a Literature Review Step by Step with Your Needs First

Writing review of literature may sound like a lot, even for a narrow target area. But we are also adept at tightening the scope even further to help you write a more solid paper by giving you all pertinent sources to have at your disposal. The many years of experience of our native English team of writers has given them significant insight into how to write a literature review essay, specifically what information is most important to accommodate your needs. This is why we can focus on current trends and breakthroughs, while incorporating anything important from the past. Old information is sometimes obsolete, so we always cross-check our sources to prevent and/or eliminate discrepancies. This being said, some older sources will likely be important, so we’re very careful in our format of writing to make sure our material is of interest to the scholars in your field.

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Think of your review as a “how-to” guide on your particular topic written to help your reader best understand it. With a comprehensive write-up of resources up front, you will have the perfect stepping stone toward effectively and successfully completing your project. In the professional writing world, your credibility may be evaluated according to the depth and breadth of your review. So we will even break yours down to underscore the most current and essential research in your field. We don’t want you to waste your time on unimportant tasks so our reviews will include tips for effective interpretation.

Questions to consider before writing a short literature review may include:

  • What is the number of required sources?
  • What types of sources will provide the most usable information?
  • Will any of the references require detailed critique or an identification of a specific theme?
  • What, if any, evaluation will be required (based off similar requirements for a sample literature review essay)?
  • Will any of the sources require their own subheadings and background information, or will any major sources include esoteric language that needs to be defined and/or expounded upon?

The Best Service for Writing Review of Literature

Our expert team uses a trademark model specifically designed for writing a literature review for thesis papers to ensure we give you the best essay of sources possible. This model will not only help us identify information that is imperative to consider for your paper, it will allow us to provide you with a detailed survey of all the additional material that might be relevant to your investigation if you want to even dig a little deeper. The organization of your review will include three basic elements: an introduction that identifies a central theme, a body containing a discussion of the sources and what to expect in terms of style, and a conclusion section that suggests how the discussion might best proceed further.

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In short, the introduction will highlight any recurring information and reorganize it for your reader for the purpose of clarity. This may include providing a new interpretation of dated material and opinions. Alternatively, it could function as a timeline displaying the progression of information in your discipline. In some cases, the literature review will even call for an evaluation of your paper’s major sources where you tell your reader which he or she should focus on the most.

Your body will differ according to what is best for each individual paper, but will be where the sources are actually presented in all. For example, it may be organized chronologically, broken down by publication or split into subsections according to trends. Alternatively, if the scope of your research is more methodological, the review will focus more on the document sources themselves opposed to the content of the documents. Other sections that may be presented here include an overview of the current state of your discipline, a history of prior investigations that have led to the current body of knowledge, a description of how and why the specific sources were chosen, and questions for further research.

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Writing a literature review for writing a research paper demands more focus around the key ideas espoused by the sources than their identities. Their similarities and differences are also important. Above all, it’s most important for the literature review to give your reader an idea of what to expect from your investigation. We’ll deliver work that does exactly this, and we’ll do it on-time and in-private. Should you have any questions for us, we can be contacted 24/7 via the open line of communication we establish at the onset of your project. We also give you 10 days of complimentary revisions at its conclusion. All our content is original and affordable, so don't wait and give us a call now.