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Super fast service! The paper I ordered turned out great and the process overall was smooth. I'm looking forward to working with my writer again soon

Alfredo, United States

Impressive paper. My professor said that all of his input had finally paid off. Being able to coast this GE class has had a huge impact on my GPA. Thank you guys for that.

Sneha, United States

Being able to select my own writer from your site was awesome. I was surprised that you had so many choices, but I'm glad that you did because my teacher loved the paper!

Daphne, Pennsylvania (United States)

two students laughing

My teacher is pretty set in her ways, so it was really helpful that they were able to revise the couple of things that I thought might be a friction point for her - just got it back and it's the best grade I've gotten in this class, so mission accomplished!

Morgan, United States

With your help I've officially completed my philosophy credits - I did not think it would be this hard! Thankfully I can finish up the credits for my major and I'll be done this Spring! Thanks to your writers!

Muhammed, United Kingdom

My plate was beyond over full this last term, I've only now cleaned the last of my paperwork off my desk. Honestly if not for your service none of those papers would have gotten completed so I owe my clear desk to you. Cheers!

Samantha, United States

You have some seriously great writers on your staff. It's cool that I was able to pick different writers to help me with work from different classes. Makes everything super convenient!

Elliot, Canada

The paper that I turned in was great. All semester my teacher has been badgering me about creating a better narrative and citing more sources, but he loved the paper that you wrote. Thank you again.

Elliot, Canada

I wasn't sure whether I had the budget to buy a high quality paper for Uni, so thank you very much for working with me and helping me out with a discount. The help has made a huge difference!

Jiao-Long, United Kingdom

Long papers take me forever to write, so I expected it to take much longer than it did to receive my paper. Honestly I wasn't sure that I was going to have time to even turn it in, but you were impressively fast. Very much appreciated!

Brian, United States

We got an A! Thank you so much for helping with my mid-term paper! Between work and school I never have time for all the writing they expect so it's awesome that I could count on you to help. Thank you again!

Laura, United States

My professor is a huge stickler for citations being on point, so I appreciate the fact that you provided so many sources with my paper. I was worried that when I got it I'd have to try and dig up some extra sources, but you really came through - thank you!

Tom, United States

Your writer really delivered bang for my buck - I thought a paper this professional with a detailed contents page and everything would have been way more expensive. I know I'll be back with more assignments this fall.

James, New Zealand

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I really struggle in my writing with outlining a paper that reads well. Huge thanks to my writer for walking me through the outline process he uses; I feel like I learned something new in addition to getting a great paper

Aditya, Australia

I was very impressed by your writing. I had resigned myself to the end result being out of my hands but the paper was above and beyond. Thank you!

Claudia, Australia

Communication was super smooth with my writer. She understood the content much better than myself and was able to explain why she wrote some of the things that she did. Great experience!

Adam, Canada

college graduates happy

They really know how to work with students! I had been stressed out about finances and whether I was going to be able to get a paper to earn the credits that I've paid for, and their great prices really helped me out!

Kevin, United States

I should have ordered further out from the due date than I did, and even so your service was able to pull me out of the fire and I had my paper back a day earlier than expected. Incredible pace! We got top marks on the writing as well.

Devon, United Kingdom

The turn around in my grades this term has been pretty impressive, and while I've been hitting the books pretty hard a lot of it is due to the help of your service and writers. I even told my mate that I've been getting a little help and he's going to order a paper from you soon. Thank you for helping!

Jack, Australia

I was so stressed trying to figure out how I was going to finish 4 essays in a week. AcademicSavers.com took one off my plate, and I was able to manage my time much better. Got good grades too!

Matt, United States

I'm a bio major, and I was really struggling with this one philosophy paper that was due. I am so glad I used this website!

Anita, United States

I always felt like citing sources in a research paper took just as long as writing the paper in the first place. I was so glad when I found out AcademicSavers.com could help with that.

Sean, United Kingdom

Do yourself a favor and hire these guys! I was able to talk to my writer whenever I needed to, and I always had updates on how the project was going. 100% professional!

Sebastian, Canada

I had no idea it would be this affordable! I hesitated to contact them because I was assuming it would cost too much. Now I wish I had gotten in touch with them years ago!

Daniel, United States

I couldn’t get past a C on my science labs. So glad I found AcademicSavers.com! Best thing I ever did. Working with them brought my grades way up!

Jonathan, United States

Got a writer from AcademicSavers.com to do my thesis abstract. They hit it just right! It feels so much more professional, especially compared to what I came up with! I feel super confident about it now. I would definitely work with this company again!

Jacob, United Kingdom

I kept bombing out in AP Lit. One of my friends told me to check out AcademicSavers.com and I could even use the same writer they did! Got my essay quick and didn’t even have to ask for changes, got my first A!

Ray, United States

I just couldn’t get the first chapter of my thesis right. Major issues - all I’m going to say. My editor from AcademicSavers.com fixed it in a week! Now that editor is handling all my thesis work. Should have done this sooner!

Adam, United States

I’ve had a great deal of difficulty with my English composition course. With your help, I turned in a paper that turned my high C into a B. You rock!

Aaron, Canada

I had a really technical history paper due for midterms, and it was a total mess! I couldn’t fix it, so I hired a writer here. They took my notes and turned it into something great! It sounded like me and everything!

Stacey, Canada

Thank you for the great work on my final writing assignment for nursing school! It was a complicated report that I didn’t have time for and couldn’t have completed without your help. It was well-written and well-researched and I am forever grateful for the impact this had on my future!

Samantha, United States

I had only a week to complete an essay for my geology class on the structure of the earth, but I came down with the flu and wasn’t able to do much at all. Thanks to AcademicSavers.com, my paper was done based on the instructions I provided and was very well-written. I got an A! Thank you for the help!

Tim, Australia.

I only got through this year with the help of AcademicSavers.com. I had some personal issues and my workload just kept growing… I spoke to their advisers and they helped me complete some homework, stopping me from getting behind. I passed and am now ready for next year!

Valerie, United States

I have a full course schedule and had two reports and an essay due in the same week. I only had time for one of the reports. These guys took care of the other report and the essay, and they were great. The system is easy, and the writer was awesome!

Michael, United States

I’m so glad I used this company! I had a really important marketing essay due and just couldn’t get my head around it… I spoke to AcademicSavers.com and they sorted it out for me - thank you!!

Rebecca, United States

If you need something done fast, I’d definitely recommend AcademicSavers.com. I’d had problems in the past with writers at other companies not finishing my work on time, but I got my algebra assignment back BEFORE the deadline, which was much appreciated.

David, New Zealand

I’ll definitely be using this company again, as they got me a really high grade and put me near the top of my literature class. I definitely won’t be failing now!

Jerome, United Kingdom.

I chose AcademicSavers.com because I liked the fact I could pick my own writer. She was really communicative and I never felt like I was harassing her by asking questions. She really knew what she was talking about too.

Stuart, United Kingdom

I am an adult college student with a family and a job. Writing assignments are always difficult for me. This was the second time I used AcademicSavers.com and the paper was perfect.

Stephanie, United Kingdom

Finally! An honest homework service that knows their stuff. I get 100% on every assignment I’ve sent these guys. One of these homework assignments was hard statistics homework, too. Thanks!

Gordon, United States

I chose this service because two of my buddies in English 101 with me told me about it and this place is great. They took an argumentative paper I wrote that was so red with comments it looked bloody and turned it into a paper I got an A+ on!

Sam, United States

I’m a doctoral candidate working on my PhD in chemistry. I’m from India and have a big problem with articles. But they wrote a dissertation for me that was fantastic. I was even told to get it published by committee. And it’s really affordable.

Manik, India.

Writing about poetry is not my gig but these guys have English majors on staff, apparently, because for a 300 level poetry class they got me an A on a 10 page paper that would have killed me to write or I would have flunked for plagiarism. Thanks.

Chris, United States

I really like this service. I had tried other services and got a 0 because the papers had plagiarized passages in them. This paper came with a plagiarism report that was honest! I ran it through several plagiarism detectors just to make certain and it came back 000.

Joel, United States