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The first step is broad expertise. This means knowing the material. Even when discussing topics that focus on one sector of the wider discipline, your work is improved by correlations drawn across sectors. For example, if the piece in question is about human migration in Oceania, an illustrative example is Papua New Guinea, which has the highest density of linguistic diversity in the world. The reason for this diversity is the mountainous features of the island; so naturally, discussion of the physical aspect lends itself well to an overall thesis that focuses on the human aspect.

The second step to strong geography coursework is further research. If, when crafting a new piece, you are not asking yourself questions to which you do not yet know the answer, then you are not fulfilling your role as an intellectual explorer. Whether it’s a physical geography or human geography research paper, a strong preliminary basis in the field is necessary, and further investigation is paramount. Preparing a research paper on geography is not unlike other disciplines. You have to decide on a topic within the confines of the assignment and start reading analytically. Come up with a thesis that either asks a new question, or which lends itself well to a new thought on a common geography research paper topic. When you hire our company to craft your cultural geography research paper, for example, we benchmark what has been done, find the gaps where additional investigation will benefit the discipline as a whole, and we get to work.

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Finally, remember that this field of study is mostly concerned with location. That is, we’re talking about the physical, human, and cultural aspect of a given Place. Examples must always be grounded in a real location, and including coordinates improves the versatility of your piece. If this all sounds like too much, contract us and we’ll show you the way.