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How to Write a Political Economy Essay Step by Step

If you have an upcoming political economy essay, just follow this simple guide. You can also use it as a checklist as you go to make sure that you don’t forget anything.

What is a Political Economy Essay?

Political economy refers to the relationship between - you guessed it - politics and economy. It focuses on how they are connected, and more specifically, it examines how economies behave in various political conditions such as democracy, socialism, and communism. It also demonstrates how different government groups share resources. Here’s a basic guide on how to write effectively about this subject.

Where Should I Start?

First of all, do your reading. You’ll need to know what you’re talking about in order to write an essay worthy of a high grade. When you’re ready, write out a solid first draft that includes all of your main points and arguments. If you quote anyone in your text, you have to explicitly state the name of the author, the year the excerpt was originally published, and the page number where you got the quote from. For example, (Harrison 1999: 164).

If you are going to include an abstract, it should serve as a snapshot of what your paper is about and what conclusion you came to. Keep it limited to one short paragraph that very briefly summarizes your overall paper. Organize your essay according to the following structure:

1) Introduction

Your introduction should clearly state your thesis (the main argument you pose) and briefly summarize the subject matter in your paper. While doing this, it’s important to draw the reader in to want to read the rest. A great way to do this is to find something unusual or interesting about your topic, and pose a question to the reader based on that fact. For example, describe the political system at hand and question the origin or future consequences of an intriguing aspect within of your topic and how it impacts the economy.

2) Body

The body of your political economy essay must expand on your main ideas, outlining your arguments in detail, and providing sufficient support against any likely counterarguments. You should attempt to demonstrate without a doubt the validity of your claim and provide a thought-provoking examination of your selected form of government and the various ways it influences the economy and vice versa.

Each paragraph should completely or at least partially communicate one idea or argument. You may include graphs, charts, and statistical data to support your argument. Be sure to properly cite all materials taken from outside sources according to your professor’s expectations. Your grade will depend on it!

3) Conclusion

Whatever your findings may be, and whether they prove your original claim or disprove it, you should clearly state the result of your efforts in researching and writing about your topic. You may reiterate the most essential findings to bring closure to your argument. A simple prediction of what the future holds for your examined political economy might also serve as a good way to bring your paper to an end.

Strategy for Composition

Since your topic falls in the realm of political economy, you should approach your paper not as an informative essay, but an explanatory essay that attempts to make sense of the relationship between the economy and its overarching political system and its laws. If you state any fact that is central to your topic, attempt to explain to the reader what significance you can draw from that fact since you chose to include it in your paper.

Finishing Touches

Be sure that your paper coincides with whatever academic style your professor asked you to use (MLA or APA). Edit your paper rigorously for errors, and go through a series of drafts until the structure and content of your paper is worthy of an ‘A’. If possible, ask a classmate or friend to read through it and provide suggestions for improvement. Use this outline as a guide as you write your political economy essay and you can’t go wrong.