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5 Tips for Writing an Expository Essay on Music Genres

Not everyone has a favorite book or short stories these days, but one thing most people have is a favorite song and a favorite genre or two of music they like, such as country, rap, rock, easy listening, techno, or classical. A lot of people might like music of certain time periods only, such as 80s music, 90s music, or classic rock from the late 60s and early 70s.

Here are five tips to make sure your next expository paper is a big hit with your teacher.

1. First, understand what the real purpose of an expository essay is

The primary purpose of an expository essay is to both analyze and explain your topic to the reader. Think about it as presenting an interesting lecture to a class, if you were the teacher. You would want to both instruct and entertain your class so they won’t get bored, right? Some teachers want research in these types of essays and some don’t.

2. Pick one genre if you want to analyze several pieces of music or artists in one paper

A four or five-page paper can only address several musicians or one really well. Narrow your topic in your thesis statement if you will and know that if you have a lot to say about a certain type of music or are in love with so many songs by this artist you want to write about them all, be careful. In your rush to address everything, you won’t expose anything or explain anything in enough detail. Your teacher, and your reader, would rather you taught them a lot about one artist than discussed ten haphazardly and in not enough depth.

3. Fall in love with your topic

If you’re in love with your topic, chances are your readers will fall in love with it too. Your writing will be enchanting and your knowledge on the topic will contain your fresh insights into your favorite topic. Your love for your topic will make them enraptured with it too. And if you really do your job right, they will be wanting more knowledge on this very topic.

4. Write an introductory paragraph that will whisk them away like a good song

All great papers begin with a great introductory paragraph. All a really good intro paragraph does is (a) grab the reader’s attention like crazy, (b) immediately help them relate to you, and (c) lead to a strong thesis statement that helps both you and them know what the real, laser focus of your essay is. For example: “This essay will discuss three musicians that I feel took us out of the Elvis more rockabilly area and really into what is today called classic rock.”

5. Write a closing paragraph that will echo in the mind and ear of the reader, much like good music will.

A good teacher online once explained a closing paragraph in a way that is very easy for students to understand. He said, “A good closing paragraph gives the reader something to contemplate long after they have read your paper.” Another great teacher said that your last sentence should echo in the mind, the soul, the heart, and the ear of your reader. So make it really “hit” the ear and mind of your reader. For example: “What does a good song really do? It makes you hear it in your head long after it was played.”

Music essays are both fun to write and fun to read, if you do it right. Create something with these tips that both you and your teacher will love to read.