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How Do I Write My Essay for High School Admission?

So you're asking “How can I write my essay for high school admission?” The thing is, admissions teams go through dozens of papers before reaching yours. So how can we get yours intriguing enough to be read and answering what they’re looking for? Follow these simple rules and give your paper (and yourself) the best chance at becoming part of your dream high school.

Discover Yourself and Bring Value

When you decide on a high school, you need to answer one simple question: How can I better my chosen high school? Schools want people who contribute (just like your group of friends does). In this case, it’s best to know what you can bring to the institution. It starts by knowing yourself and how you stand out (in a good way). Are you academically gifted? Would you help their sports team? Do you have anything that the admissions team would find useful? Everyone is intriguing in their own way. Maybe you have life stories with pictures that could be put on the hallways. Maybe you’ve shown incredible character (the kind of character any self-respecting school would want). In any case, once you’ve discovered what you can bring to the school – it’s time to find a writer who can put it into words.

Write and Proofread Your Work

Here’s a quick question: How good are you at writing in general? If this is something that you struggle with, then you’re in good hands. The best you can do is:

  1. Use a program that automatically fixes vocabulary and grammatical errors;
  2. Follow the simple pattern of ‘introduction, explanation (body), conclusion’;
  3. Visualize the admissions team as you write for them.

The #1 thing you can do after writing your paper is proofreading it. Once you’ve done that, get someone you know who’s good at writing and ask him or her to proofread it too.

Now you’ve got an award-winning article…does that guarantee high school admission? Not necessarily and that’s why, in addition to this, it’s good to have a plan B.

Have a Backup Plan

Let’s be frank - there are many potential things that affect an admission team’s decision. Your ideal high school might not even be looking for new admissions. That’s why it’s imperative that you have a backup plan that you’re happy with. Is there another high school that you would be happy with joining in case your primary choice isn’t available? Having a backup plan also gives you more confidence.

Getting your Essay is the First Step

So you’ve finally got a masterpiece of an admissions paper. You know how you can help the school and your writer has done a wonderful job of presenting it in written form. Well, that’s the first step. You’ll next have to be congruent with what you’ve written down. The admissions team will interview you to make sure that you’re what they’re looking for. Are you ready for that? We know you are!