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What's the Best Way to Write My Essay in 3 Hours?

There are unlimited ways you could have gotten yourself in this situation. Maybe you fell asleep the night before and forgot to set your alarm, maybe you were too busy with other schoolwork to finish your paper, or maybe you simply forgot it was due until now. Whatever the reason may be, you need to get your essay done as soon as possible. Of course, there's always the sure-fire option: to hire a reputable writing agency such as, but if you're willing to take on the challenge yourself, let’s get straight to it.

Expedite Your Research

Since you simply don’t have enough time to read through your sources thoroughly, you’ll need to skim or speed-read through them and use whatever substantial ideas or facts you happen to get from it as the basis of your essay. As you go along, take notes on what you read, but when you do so, write them out as whole sentences that can be copied and pasted into the body of your essay. This is an excellent way to trim down the note-taking phase and speed up the grind of typing out the body. It also helps give you a framework to build around. If your essay requires no research, you’re in good shape because three hours is a reasonable amount of time to put something good together.

Squeeze Every Idea Dry

Since you need to fill up your word count ASAP, try to keep typing as long as you can before going on to the next point. The idea is not to turn in a paper filled with basic explanations of mundane things. On the contrary, with this method you will be able to trim down what you wrote later and keep only the parts that work best. And if you run out of time, at least you will have filled out the word count. Out of absolute desperation, you can tack a brief summary paragraph onto the end of whatever you have so far, print it out, and hope for the best from your professor. After all, turning in something is always better than nothing.

Put it in Standard Structure and Plug in the Rest

As you must have been taught, an essay in made up of:

  • an introduction;
  • a body that explains the main points of the argument;
  • a conclusion that reiterates your thesis in light of your explanations;
  • proper structure and format throughout.

You might be wondering, how can I write my essay in 3 hours or less and still do all of that? It’s not as hard as it might sound. As long as you know what your topic is and why it’s important enough to write about, just support your claim with three statements in the intro after telling the reader what your topic is, and then you can safely move onto the body. In the body, use one paragraph each to explain your main points. You should have a minimum of three. In the conclusion, reiterate your arguments and then say why it is all significant. That’s all you need to do a good essay in three hours.